Where to download

  1. Join Telegram Group in Contact me
  2. Github Release
  3. CoolApk

How to import/export files

Please refer: Manage files

How to customize ROM?

Please refer: Customizing ROM

Any discussion groups?

Telegram or QQ in 联系我

Any plan to support iOS?

No such plan becuase of the App Store restriction.

Boot failures

If you are running on Android 12, please refer: Android 12 User Guide

For other situations, please wait for the fix.

Too lag

Please wait for the GPU direct render mode.

32bit support?

Twoyi won't support 32bit Apps.

How to use Tai Chi with Twoyi

Please refer: Tai Chi in Twoyi

How to use ADB

adb connect IP:22122

Some Apps crashed when open it

Please wait for the fix.

Can we run it in other virtual machine?

It is not supported.

Ratation issue

Please wait for the fix.

Can we modify the device properties?

It is possible, but is not supported now.

Other issues

Please fire an issue on Github Issue and report it clearly.

Which language is used in Twoyi development?

Java and Rust.

When it would be open sourced?

  1. Twoyi App is already open sourced in Github Repo
  2. The ROM is open-sourcing Github

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